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Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Aisling Kavanagh Design, a place where I can showcase what it is I love to do: make bespoke Irish hand-made accessories. 

I developed my love for fashion and design from my family. Growing up, my family always understood the importance of the right cut, quality of finish and the value of good design. One memory I have as a little girl was a Christmas coat with velvet cuffs, collar and buttons that belonged to my eldest cousin. It was passed down from cousin to cousin because it was so well-made – almost like a family heirloom! That hand-made quality and rich family connection are things I’ve carried through to my work now. Many of my pieces are made collaboratively, integrating family heirlooms or cut-offs from wedding gowns, to give a personal connection to the pieces that wouldn’t be possible any other way. And because of the hand-made way they’re produced, they’re designed to last a lifetime, and become their own kind of heirloom, as they’re passed down from one generation to the next.


Not only that, but we strive to produce our accessories as sustainably as possible, right down to the packaging and how they’re delivered.  Even the way I source my materials is community-based: old buttons and costume jeweler that I’ve collected over the years from friends and family members, and giving them a new lease of life as part of a signature piece. Community has been an essential part of what we do from the very beginning. Aisling Kavanagh Design started organically, with me sharing my creations online. They obviously struck a chord with my friends, who shared them with their friends, who shared with their friends, who –well, you get the picture. It was a community-based approach that we follow to this day. Just that our community now includes people from the US, Australia, and beyond. 

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